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Freightliner South Africa

Daimler AG acquired Freightliner as a wholly-owned subsidiary in 1981, and it soon became a contender to be reckoned with in the Daimler Trucks stable. The introduction of this American truck brand into the South African market in 1995 was seen as an opportunity to transplant the brand’s particular commitment to technological leadership into the local market.

The Freightliner’s rugged looks, combined with its reputation for efficiency and dependability changed the face of trucking in South Africa. At the time of its local launch, it was the first brand to introduce electronic engines, ABS and cab air-conditioning as standard. This set the tone for its continued leadership in terms of safety, ergonomics and performance.

Freightliner lives up to its brand slogan – running smart in whatever it does!


  • Why a Freightliner Truck?

    Freightliner trucks sold in South Africa have the flexibility to serve a wide range of industries and commercial applications due to its range of heavy and medium duty options.

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  • Customer Success Stories

    United Bulk, a Gauteng-based transporter of food-grade products and dangerous goods, has used Freightliner as part of its extensive truck and tanker fleet since 2007. They recently increased this brand’s presence in their fleet by another 27.

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