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Freightliner Customer Testimonial – City Couriers

The supply chain and logistics industry is a highly competitive one, where the demands and requirements are often highly complex and require solutions that are geared towards vastly improving efficiency while reducing costs. This is something that Anthony Naicker, Fleet Director of City Couriers knows all too well. With an average delivery window of 96 hours, he needs a fleet of dependable and reliable vehicles that are able to match the various needs he requires.

As the primary mover between the 21 depots and 38 locations that City Couriers has in South Africa, his Freightliner fleet of trucks plays a crucial role in ensuring that deliveries are on time and where they should be - all the time. "Freightliner is a proven and strong brand, which is why it is suitable to the demanding needs of our business. We offer a wide variety of tailored transport, supply chain and logistics solutions to our customers, and we need a vehicle that can match those requirements" adds Anthony.

With an established network across Southern Africa, the Freightliner brand has a strong footprint in Africa and it is well suited to expanding your business outside of South Africa. "We like to challenge the status quo and push the envelope in everything that we do. We know that with Freightliner, the infrastructure is already established and the network of support available to us is extensive both within urban and remote areas".

As part of the one of the value-added services offered with the Freightliner brand, City Courier has made extensive use of FleetBoard Professional Driver Training. Driver training and skills developments plays a critically important role in the effective management of any fleet of vehicles and FleetBoard offers tailored courses and training to achieve this goal resulting in the optimal utilization of the vehicle and improved efficiency of the fleet. "After the training we noticed a huge difference with our drivers. There was a noticeable mindset change and the drivers now understand even better the concepts of braking correctly, ensuring safety is always first and also driving to consciously improve fuel efficiency."

Freightliner's proven efficiency and reliability make it the ideal choice to service a wide variety of industries and commercial applications due its array of extra heavy vehicle options that can be customized for any business application. As the premium choice for long-haul trucking, Freightliner has a long heritage of consistently delivering – every time.