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Freightliner Warranty

  • Our Warranty now covers 800 000km on all Freightliners engines. Where you go is up to you.

    That's right. Our new warranty offer means all Freightliner trucks running on either DDC or Cummins engines will also be covered for 5 years, or 800 000km. Transmission, Steer axles & Drive axles are covered for 3 years or an unprecedented 600 000km. This offer is valid for all vehicles registered with NATIS from the 1st January 2014. So whatever new opportunities the world throws your way this year, rest assured that your truck will be in tip-top condition all the way.

    Engine Warranty DDC & Cummins: 5 years or 800 000km*
    Transmission, Steer axles & Drive axles: 3 years or 600 000km*

    * Std Warranty conditions apply, Warranty valid for all vehicles NATIS registered from 1st Jan 2014

    Previously only DDC Engines had this warranty in place; Cummins had a 2 year 450 000km warranty. The Transmission, Steer axles and Drive axles had a 2 year and 450 000km warranty.

    Basic FTL warranty

    12 months/ Unlimited kilometres(Excludes engine warranty)

    Extended FTL drivetrain coverage: First date of registration 01 January 2014

    36 months / 600 000 kilometres (Transmission and Differential)

    Basic Cummins Engine warranty: First date of registration 01 January 2014

    24 months / 400 000 kilometres

    Extended Cummins Engine warranty

    60 months / 800 000 kilometres / 12 500 hrs whichever comes first

    Basic DDC Engine warranty

    24 months / unlimited kilometres

    Extended DDC Engine warranty

    60 months / 800 000 kilometres whichever comes first

    Extended DDC & Cummins Engine warranty inclusions

    Major engine components, ie,(Cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshafts, pistons, oil cooler housing, flywheel housing, connecting rod assemblies, main bearing bolts, inlet manifolds, turbo-chargers(Excluded on Cummins), exhaust manifold(Excluded on Cummins)

    Extended DDC & Cummins Engine warranty exclusions

    Starter motor, alternator, water pump, water pump seals, hydraulic pump, vacuum pump, injector pump, air compressor, crankshaft seals, engine brakes, thermostat, thermostat seals, fuel injection systems,injectors and worn piston rings.

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