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It takes a one-of-a-kind heavy-duty diesel engine like the Series 60® to have remained a North American leader for years. At the end of 2008, Detroit Diesel’s one-millionth Series 60 rolled off the line — 21 years after they debuted its breakthrough design. And through constant attention to performance, reliability and fuel economy, it's an even better value than ever for demanding fleets and cost-conscious owner-operators. Series 60® Performance: The Ultimate Crowd Pleaser No matter how you size up diesel engine performance, the Series 60® makes the cut. Impressive acceleration. Easy maintenance. Unsurpassed dependability. Delivering superior fuel economy, it tackles today's tough trucking challenges like a champ. It Works Because It Works Harder: Drivers want an engine they can believe in. That's why every Series 60 is built to give you what you need on the open road: More Power, Less Bulk: Weighing in at only 2,840 lbs, the Series 60 puts its power in the right place — hauling loads. And its excellent power-to-weight ratio, integrated DDEC VI electronic controls help make the Series 60 the fuel-efficiency leader since 1987. Fuel-based Advantages: The Series 60's Advanced Fuel System features improved injection for faster response time and greater efficiency. The DDEC VI-controlled high-pressure dual solenoid injectors provide excellent fuel control and fewer emissions. Superior Engine Control: The sixth generation of Detroit Diesel's renowned DDEC electronic controls (DDEC VI) effectively and automatically manage your Series 60 at all times. With comprehensive diagnostics and analytics reporting real-time system conditions, you're always in control and can react quickly if necessary. Better Piston Performance: Every improvement counts. Case in point: The new monotherm (one-piece) piston's closed oil gallery reduces friction and oil consumption. And improved ring cooling and higher compression ratio result in lower ring and liner wear; reduced oil soot loading; and better cold engine performance. Cruising Without Losing: Hills ahead? Bring 'em on. The Series 60's torque and advanced DDEC VI controls deliver more torque and performance in cruise control while maintaining peak engine efficiency, no matter the terrain. Proven Stopping Power: Keeping downhill speeds in check comes standard with the Series 60. We install the original Jake Brake® compression brake for our heavy-duty engines because no other combination can ensure the same level of peace of mind, safety and performance on challenging mountain runs. Power Ratings: The Series 60 is in a class by itself, combing solid power and excellent fuel economy with low emissions and virtually smoke-free operation. Series 60® Reliability Saddle up a WorkhorseTrust, confidence, peace of mind — call it what you want, but thousands of drivers agree: the Series 60® reliability is like nothing else on the road. With our one-millionth engine hitting the highway this year, we'll bet our reputation that our heavy-duty diesel is as durable and dependable as they come. DDEC VI helps to keep you on the road and running smoothly. Still Walking the Walk When you want to get it done, count on the Series 60 for dependable power, hassle-free maintenance, excellent fuel economy and more. Real-time Control It's always in your best interest to know what's going on under the hood at all times. Precision monitoring for the Series 60 comes compliments of the enhanced DDEC VI electronic controls, which keep your rig on schedule and your mind at ease. Easy Maintenance It's simple, spend less time maintaining your engine and more money finds its way into your pocket. The powerful, lightweight Series 60 boasts one of the best ratings in the business for serviceability and ease of maintenance.