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    Tailor-made services that put you streets ahead of the competition.
    Mercedes-Benz CharterWay offers individual, integrated solutions covering vehicle procurement, mobility support and vehicle administration services.

    CharterWay Service
    The CharterWay Service packages range from covering only the maintenance related tasks as called for by the maintenance booklet of the vehicle, up to and including mechanical repair and all wear and tear costs. Available packages are CharterWay Service BestBasic and CharterWay Service Complete.

    CharterWay Service Leasing
    CharterWay Service Leasing is a combination of the CharterWay Service product together with a leasing option. In effect, this means you are covered for not only operational risks, but also those associated with ownership.

    Financial Services:

    Mercedes-Benz Financial Services South Africa:
    Tailored Financial Solutions to suit your pocket.

    Why Finance your vehicle with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services?

    • Competitive rates, flexible contract terms and payment structures available on all vehicles
    • Wide range of financing and insurance options
    • Efficient credit application process on new business and re-financing arrangements
    • Various payment structures to suit customer budgets

    Finance Options to accommodate YOUR finance requirements

    • Contract Purchase (Choices)
    • Instalment Agreement
    • Instalment Agreement with Balloon
    • Finance Lease
    • Operating Lease

    Insure the best with the best
    Libra Brokers, a reputable and registered Financial Services Provider, supports all Commercial Vehicle insurance sales and administration on behalf of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

    • ExecuTransport - Commercial Vehicle Insurance
    • Inkanyezi - Specialised Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Taxi Insurance

    Value-Added Products
    Mercedes-Benz Insurance offers a wide range of Value Added Products, namely:

    • Shortfall Protection
    • Deposit Protector
    • Excess Reducer
    • Downtime Cover
    • Finance Protection products (ExecuLife and ValueLife)

    Truck Store:

    TruckStore is a proven model which has become one of the biggest used truck dealer networks in Europe


    • TruckStore has one of the biggest used truck dealer networks in Europe
    • Currently 29 Centres in 14 European countries
    • TruckStore European NETWORK will be expanded into South Africa


    • Broad model mix: all brands, ages, configurations and body types
    • Big enough for the biggest fleets and focussed enough to cater for single operators
    • In-house Finance, Insurance, Warranties
    • All vehicles are categorized for consistency (Gold, Silver and Bronze)
    • Backed "by Mercedes-Benz"
    • Buyers of fleets of commercial vehicles
    • Principle of Trust and Fairness: "What you see is what you get"


    • The 1st TruckStore in South Africa will be situated next to the existing Brand Centres of MBCV Centurion, Freightliner and FUSO – to be launched during 2012
    • With almost 30 000 m2 of CV display area, TruckStore Centurion will be one of the biggest franchised Used CV outlets in the Southern Hemisphere


    Telematics Services for increased fleet efficiency With a FleetBoard® unit onboard your truck, you can monitor the performance of both truck and driver from wherever you are, at any time.

    Available remotely to your PC, cellphone, smartphone or tablet, this data can be used to analyze and optimize the efficiency of your entire fleet. The savings are dramatic: you can reduce your fleet's fuel bill and maintenance costs by up to 15%. FleetBoard® is standard on Actros and is available across the entire Mercedes-Benz range. Above all, it is proven technology that has been revolutionizing fleets for over a decade.

    Driver and Vehicle Management

    • Significant reduction of fuel consumption
    • Less wear and tear
    • Reduced workshop downtime
    • Online monitoring of the technical status
    • Position tracking and tracing
    • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
    • Increased uptime of the fleet

    Logistics Management

    • Online dispatching of orders to the truck
    • Real time monitoring of delivery status
    • Fewer unloaded and unpaid tours
    • Navigation

    Fleetboard Professional Training:

    • Increased competence and performance of drivers
    • Training for all Daimler Commercial Vehicles
    • Wide range of training packages
    • Online Ordering for customers and dealers